What's good and bad about K30

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Re: What's good and bad about K30

Hi Ivar

Good bits, as mentioned by Bob and Simon above.

Bad, compared to what?  Let me explain, the K-30's HDR function takes three photos and then merges them in to one final image. This works well for "static landscapes", but not for people! Now, the Olympus E-420 does the same thing using "shaddow adjusting technology" by generating a new image in camera from one already taken. So the smaller Olympus is maybe better in this case for capturing movement.

But the Oly is not weather resistant and no video.

What can be awkward is that the K-30's RAW/Fx button accesses four functions. So do you set it for D.o.F. preview or bracketing.

For the price, nothing can match the K-30.



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