Cricket photos - 60/2.8 Macro

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Re: Cricket photos - 60/2.8 Macro

NZ Scott wrote:

MarceloLI wrote:

Fantastic pictures, how far you were form the subject?



The first one I was back a little bit. It's hard to say how far - I would estimate 10cm to 15cm, although this is theoretically impossible (see below) - and I was shooting with autofocus. The second shot I turned the lens to 1:1 mode (the lens has a switch for this) and then I turned it to manual focus and pushed the lens towards the insect's face until it came into focus. I must have been at the minimum possible focusing distance. This is meant to be 19cm (7.5 inches) but I think I was much closer than that. It really felt as though the lens was right up against the insect.

I think the published official distances might be sensor to object, and most photographers think in terms of front of lens to object.

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