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Re: Isn't it the same lens and sensor as the xz-2?

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Aside from that, the difference in output should be down to software mostly, no?

I suppose it is the same lens as the XZ-1 and XZ-2, but it would seem that Pentax has used it's excellent SMC coatings indicated by the red "SMC" on the filter ring.

And AFAIK, you are correct that it's the same 12mp 1/1.7" BSI CMOS sensor from Sony which is an very good performer at lower ISO settings. Haven't been able to convert any of the DNGs but the ISO 100 image of the church (that have impressive sharpness, colors and detail) unfortunately, but even a couple of the ISO 1600 images at night look good.

It is just marketing, it would be too expensive to really put SMC coating on an Olympus lens (and modify their production line to do so). Pentax DA 18-250 (made by Tamron) also had SMC written on it, but it is exactly the same lens as Tamron, including lens coating... It is convenient that both original XZ-1 coating, and coating Tamron uses in their lenses, is very similar in color to SMC.

That's certainly possible, but you don't know for a fact that it's not SMC coatings, do you?

Certainly if Pentax licensed the lens from Olympus, they would be free to use SMC coatings provided, as you mentioned, it wasn't too expensive to do so.

Why would Pentax license the lens from Olympus, and then bother to manufacture it themselves.

Re-coating the lens with the famed "Pentax SMC" coatings is not exactly the same as "manufacturing it themselves", but you are probably correct about the coatings.  All I am saying is that any speculation about why Pentax wrote "SMC" on the MX-1's lens is only a guess.

Still I used to have an XZ-1 and it's an extremely sharp lens, so I'm glad the MX-1 is using it.

Best, Markus

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