the 149 best shots

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Re: the 149 best shots

aftab wrote:

How would you define 'best shots'? I don't think there is an universally acceptable definition. The definition depends hugely on personal preferences. I have noticed that for most people sharp pictures with vibrant colors equal 'best shots'. They love postcard type pictures. We all have our own preferences, so nothing against it.

But something annoys me. When I see people commenting something like this, 'Why take a picture of your cat, dog or children with such an expensive camera, you could have done that with PS'. Nothing can be more hilarious. For one, an experienced and creative photographer will take amazing pictures with point and shoot and we will struggle to come close with our DSLRs. And pictures of cats, dogs and children can be very creative too. This thread has at least one cat picture I liked better than many sharp pictures.

Anyways, my 20 favorite shots with 5D3. I must admit that I have done better with 5D2, probably because I have used it much longer.

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Never stated anything different from that i believe.

I like your images and interest for textures. Some very creative and inspiring images you have. Congrats.


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