Third Party Battery for NEX6?

Started Jan 10, 2013 | Questions thread
nosnoop Senior Member • Posts: 1,694
Original NPFW50 $38

foody1000 wrote:

Hi all. I just picked up the NEX6 and learned my current 3rd party battery is not compatible with the NEX6. Has anyone out there bought 3rd party batteries that FOR SURE work with the NEX6? Please post link if possible. I searched the forum and did not find any good threads on this topic. Thanks.

With original NPFW50 costing $38 at amazon, why not go for the original battery and get the safety/quality guarantee rather than dealing with unknown quality/safety from 3rd party?   And you won't even know whether it would work until you receive it.

For a $1,000 camera, the extra $20 for original quality is well worth it.   Li battery is not a trivial thing to get it right.   Just see all the recalls by the top brands.

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