Got my fisheye yesterday!

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Re: Good for you! Enjoy it.

micksh6 wrote:

clengman wrote:

Ah hah! Here is the demo . It's not exactly as I remembered it. The spot correction works on a circular area of the photo and does stretch or compress everything within that circle. Still, it looks like a nice piece of software.

It's an interesting program, but I don't think it's still being developed, it's probably abandoned. There is similar mouse interface in Hugin, you probably can do everything what this program does in Hugin, except local corrections, perhaps. And I'm not sure about value of local corrections. Although, I only briefly tried Panini-Pro.

That projection rotation will be useful when during framing you fail to make straight horizontal line to go exactly through image center (when you wanted it to, in many cases it's a good thing).

Another very interesting software is adaptive wide angle filter in Photoshop CS6, but it's expensive. Don't know any direct substitutes for that. With this filter you can define which lines to straighten.

But, in most cases Hugin will be enough for everything. I use just Fisheye Hemy in Paint Shop Pro X4, and sometimes PSP built-in defishing just for simplicity and speed. Didn't research much more, except Hugin, which I rarely use only to correct framing mistakes - that horizontal line coming through center.

I like Hugin so far. I will definitely be getting a copy of fisheye hemi as well. In my limited time so far playing with the lens and software though, I think I'll probably keep most of my fisheye shots fishy.

I happened to find Thomas Sharpless's flicker page as I was browsing around and the last note about panini-pro was from august of last year. The note said the commercial release might happen this winter, but I agree, it looks like that's unlikely. That's kind of irrelevant for me though, it seems I'd need a somewhat significant PC upgrade to run the software well.

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