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Laurence Matson wrote: Amen to that. And lest we forget, the glass-plate toting Edward S. Curtis:

I agree - also consider the famous Abraham Brothers who lugged large format glass plate cameras into dangerous rock climbing locations in the English Lake District.

"Taking a Victorian camera onto the crags was a very different prospect to ordinary landscape photography. In dangerous and difficult conditions, laden with heavy equipment (often weighing over 20lbs - some were 35lbs for camera alone), the Brothers would often be perched on a rocky outcrop or ledge, perilously close to disaster, in pursuit of a dramatic landscape shot or to capture a climber in action."


Having used 5x4 and 6x9, with of course a substantial tripod into similar terrains for many years, I also find the moaning about cameras that are, by comparison, almost pocketable rather childish. Your case about learning the craft, instead of moaning about this camera feature or that, was well stated M'Lud.

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