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Re: how to calculate stops (see my math)?

One River wrote:

I prefer the V1 and fairly strongly, after having owned both. The IQ issue wasn't nearly as clear cut to me as the poster above. There are time when the IQ of the PL1 seems better but also times in which it doesn't. I agree that in good light, it captures sharper images with great micro-contrast. But the PL1 also tends to clip highlights and the low light IQ is not as good as the V1 IMO.

The V1 excels in other places. I found the EPL1 menu to be totally unusable and I would not buy another Oly until this is sorted out.The build quality of the V1 is in every way superior as well.

The really big thing with the V1 is that you need to get out of the kit lens and get the 10mm (or other). Either way, both cameras are really great.

This is a good comparison. I have had the E-pl1, E-pl2 and E-pm1, with some decent lenses (20mm 1.7). I jumped on the $299 special for the V1 and grabbed the 18.5.

Build quality is substantially better than any of the Oly cameras I have owned. The EVF of the V1 is really good. The quality of the kit lens is better IMO, and the 18.5 is very good, although the bokeh is kind of meh. The main reason I like is so much better is the AF speed and video capabilities. Compared to the E-pl1, the V1 is light years ahead on AF acquisition speed and accuracy. The E-pl1 with the Panny 20mm 1.7 is excruciatingly slow compared to the V1 and 18.5. I have been getting substantially more keepers due to this alone.

The only upside I see to the E-pl1 is the availability of lenses and the built in flash, which can be bounced in a pinch.

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