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Re: DP2M In Perspective

Amen to that.

And lest we forget, the glass-plate toting Edward S. Curtis:

Princess Angeline in an 1896 photograph by Edward Sheriff Curtis.

jcollier wrote:

Alfred Stieglitz, Ansel Adams, Diane Arbus, Dorothea Lange, Sally Mann, Lee Freidlander, Edward Weston…and many others all have a few things in common. They never complained about how heavy their equipment was, or not being able to shoot above ASA (ISO) 400, or how pretty/ugly their cameras were, or short battery life, or miniscule differences in dynamic range when viewed under a microscope, or whether their autofocus speed and accuracy is better/worse than some mythical standard.

What they also had in common was that they had taken the time to really learn how to get the most from their equipment. They had to think, compose, plan and to anticipate their shots. They were also committed to their subjects and the best possible image quality. This is the difference between the “art of photography” and simply taking pictures.

Some of my most enjoyable time was spent learning photography with a Minolta SRT 101, and later a Leica M3. Also, some of my favorite images were made with these “tools”. In recent years I’ve moved to Cannon equipment (primarily a 5Dii) and L lenses. However, these are still just tools. There is better equipment for capturing certain scenes under extreme circumstances. I’ve never missed a shot because I didn’t have better equipment. It was because of circumstances or lack of skill on the part of the photographer. These have all been learning experiences.

I now also have a DP2M. There has been an extensive and prolonged litany on its short comings and limitations. That doesn’t matter. If you take the time to learn the camera, plan, compose, anticipate and are willing to work on the “art of photography” you can produce stunning, world class imagery.

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