Different brand flash on a Nikon D7000 body.

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Re: Different brand flash on a Nikon D7000 body.


I haven't been worried about that but you could make a template of construction paper and fit it in the hot shoe with just the center open (possibly like a hole punch). You then would have isolated the small pins.

Another is a hot shoe adapter non-ttl could be added in between till you get a Nikon (compatible) flash.  The high voltage (300 vdc) is in the front of the Oly flash that would take a CO5 cable that IS no longer in production nor is the Olympus High Voltage pack.  So any high voltage is what comes off the capacitor (4-AA) and is not present at the hot shoe.

One of the reasons that I added the D7000 to my 'tool' kit; I had sold off the E1 and E500 as them being the oldest and kept the E520 and E30.

Just OT I have been shooting with my old AI glass and have been very pleased with the results.


Lou Cioccio

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