D700 single card slot means no backup concerns

Started Jan 22, 2013 | Discussions thread
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DX lenses

All DX lenses have "DX" stamped on them and you simply cannot miss that stamp.

In an emergency, I have used the 18-55mm DX lens on a D700 in FF mode from 24mm onwards, and have also been surprised that the 18-70mm DX works with a 2x converter -- both lenses produced no vignetting or dark corners.

As for the lens you have, if they are AF or AF-D, they will be FF lens which will work with the D700 -- focusing is done with the screw motor built in to the body. AF-S lenses come in two flavours -- FF & DX. The D700 can be set to automatically detect the type of lens and switch between FF & DX, though auto-DX reduces 12MP down to 5.5MP. Mine is set to FF only as most of my lenses are FF, but I understand that the 35mm DX lens works just fine on FF bodies in FF mode.

If I was looking to upgrade I would be looking for a D3S but will make do with my current crop comprising D40, D5000 & D700.

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