D600 24-70 go to Botanical Gardens + Question re. colour.

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Re: D600 24-70 go to Botanical Gardens + Question re. colour.

Best practice, especially with flowers, which typically have shades outside of the common color gamuts, involves preserving the integrity of the data for as long as possible. Suggestions:

1) Shoot RAW absolutely at 14 bits.

2) Capture to ProPhotoRGB space, the widest gamut color space, using the "neutral" (NX, LR) or "linear" (C1) camera profile.

3) Do as little damage as possible during post.

The reason for using the "neutral" or "linear" profile is that these are the cleanest numbers to come off the sensor. If you use vivid, or even standard, there will be uneven changes in level and saturation that may exceed the color gamut before you even get started. The vivid profile here blew out the reds as you see. In reality, you've got more room to breathe than that.

There are also lots of people at LuLa who know about these things.

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