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Is there an L bracket which works with a Gitzo 2780QR?

I am not aware of any L bracket with Gitzo QR fittings. L brackets are much more useful in the Arca Swiss style plates/clamp configuration as they allow shift in the L-R direction. For the past few years all Kirk and RRS have centering marks on L arms for this purpose.

One could kludge by getting two small Gitzo QR plates and mounting them onto a generic style L bracket such as


Note that there slots/holes on the arms of the plates which would allow screwing in the 2 Gitzo QR plates into the arms of the L bracket. Centering the lens over this point may not be possible. You didn't mention your camera body, but generic L brackets such as generally will not allow access to all (or any) of the ports on the side of the camera body.

Or sell the Gitzo head/plate and get one which is Arca Swiss compatible and pick up an L plate made for your body. Gitzo makes fine tripod legs, so keep that.

Mike K

Another option would be to buy an Arca Swiss type quick release clamp & fit that to the Gitzo head. Then any Arca Swiss type L bracket will work.

Yes, good suggestion. I left out that option.

Gitzo make a witty little spacer that fits between an Arca-Swiss foot and a Gitzo clamp (GS5160CDT). Unfortunately in my experience it does not work - I have found no combination of Gitzo clamp and AS foot that actually fit together with it, and I recommend avoiding it. Gitzo do put a disclaimer in their catalogue.

I had the same problem to solve and did so by fitting a Kirk AS clamp to my Gitzo ballhead, although I modified the clamp by drilling and retapping to go from 1/4" to 3/8" and adding a locking grub-screw. Works perfectly.

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