Sony also admits that 16mm F2.8 is a total failure

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Re: Sony also admits that 16mm F2.8 is a total failure

zackiedawg wrote:

Yep - TOTAL failure. As soon as Sony announced the 20mm pancake, all the photos I took with the 16mm lens just went black. All of them! I had some pretty decent shots with it, but apparently it is indeed a total failure, so all of the shots I took just ceased to exist, or turned to complete failure. Even the ones I post processed or saved multiple copies of...gone! Large prints I made are now just black paper in frames...failure!

I hate when that happens.

I remember I once had a camera I took pretty good photos with for months, then a review came out and said the camera wasn't very good and a lot of posters peppered the boards with criticism, and all the sudden, all the photos I had taken with it turned to junk. Tilted horizons, horrible noise, JPG artifacts suddenly filled in everywhere, colors went askew. Someone needs to stop this from happening! Every time a review comes along that is less than perfect, or a poster starts a thread about how terrible a camera or lens is, all the great photos taken with that device are instantly destroyed or rendered useless and horrible. This is a travesty!

That has got to be the most refreshing, bucket of cold water in the case, wake-up call comment ever.

My hat, sir, is off to you!

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