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nzimmers wrote:

I recently picked up the GF5 for $299 and was inspecting the options in the camera and noticed the 2x and 4x Ex Tele. Conv. feature.... while I know both settings will degrade the image quality the though of putting on the panny 45-200 and reaching out a 35mm equivalent of 1600mm has me tickled a bit.

This feature might be more useful for video vs stills but I have yet to test - anyone else have experience? wondering if this same feature on the GX1.... Pretty sure the GH2 as the 2x tele conv.

First lets differentiate between Ex tele Conv and digital zoom.

With ExTC you are cropping the sensor so a 12mp sensor now becomes a 6 while a 16 becomes an 8.

This has the effect of, for stills, giving you a 1.4 times converter at 6 or 8mp (2 times at larger crops) with no resampling artifacts.

With digital zoom, the image is cropped and resampled back to the native value so 12mp = 12 and 16mp = 16. However, you really only have 1/4 of the real pixels with the rest being made up.

For video, the principles are the same just different values.

Two different approaches.

The ExTC works very well and I use it a lot with my 45-200 and 100-300 on my G3. The G5 has an added feature that, unlike the g3 with say a fixed 1.4x, I can use the zoom lever to go from 0x to 1.4x - like a power zoom.

On my 22" monitor, I cannot tell the difference between an 8mp and a 16mp image even at 100%

Is ExTC better than cropping in PP? Yes, there are advantages.


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