Stollen pictures?

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Mariux wrote:

bob5050 wrote:

Mariux wrote:

But where do i mention that i'm accusing them?

You can't be serious. Calling a Thread "Stolen Pictures?" calls into question a professional photographer's basic professional ethics as well as their competence. It's hardly a neutral or innocent approach.

If you want to get familiar/comfortable with a wedding photographer's work, you ask for client references or to see a portfolio--either or both would be perfectly acceptable. Asking for forensic evidence to decide whether or not they're a fraud iisn't unless you have _very_ specific cause.

As for the facebook comparison: I see no reason whatsoever why a person's personal page pictures would look the same as their professional examples--it's a totally different context and intent. If you ordered a soft drink at lunch but a glass of wine for dinner, would that indicate a split personality? People do different things under different circumstances and for different reasons.

Then tell me this, why was it really so hard to send me one just one JPEG with EXIF info? Then if everything is ok i would have booked them.

They answered you back: "I am afraid mistrust and doubt makes me uncomfortable.."

It seems they don't want to do business with you. Get over it and stop badmouthing that business.

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