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Flip Up Mirror

Noordijk wrote:

I'd be happy with a better JPEG engine. Way too many jaggies, and no extra fine option are really a problem sometimes. i also wish the noise reduction would worry about chroma noise only, not the other way round like it appears to now.

Indeed, the Jpeg could still be improved a lot, like noise reduction Off, and so on, but I think in answer to the Nikon D5200 the A58 I am afraid will have a 24Mp sensor, so knowing that Sony is not the best at Jpeg & noise problematics, the final result may be even worse then the actual A57 which is already worse then the A580, so the SLT's type Sony camera has a disadvantage to the DSLR camera's, so the solution could be which has already been rumored =" Flipup mirror " system ?? if the A58 don't has that and has a 24Mp sensor to answer to the Nikon D5200 it will again be inferior to it's competitors concerning still images & noise.

I would like to see this Flipup mirror system be implemented, it's the only way for Sony.

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