MX-1 Full-Sized Sample Images including RAW

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Re: MX-1 Full-Sized Sample Images including RAW

marike6 wrote:

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marike6 wrote:

ASR45 wrote:

Some excellent images on the pentax forum, you will have to google search them as not allowed domain on here. The images taken in Singapore and look excellent. I certainly will be getting one.

If the images from Pentax forum as full-sized, why not post a link to them?

I tried, but DPR did not allowed me to do so, would not take much to do a search i found in in under a minute of searching.

I'm talking about posting the URL of the webpage that has the images (which is definitely possible), not the actual images.

It doesn't matter, I'll find them when I have more time. Thanks.

Look, this is exactly what im talking about, DPR STOPS it not allowed is what i got when i tried, if not i would have it here so folk can see, im not being awkward, just listen to what im saying they DPR stops from the point i try to link to them end of.

This is what i get:

  • Subject and/or body contains banned domains in URLs: "
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