Anyone willing to mother a Neanderthal baby?

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Re: Anyone willing to mother a Neanderthal baby?

William Carson wrote:

Its not as crazy or unrealistic as it sounds. Not a complete swap or duplication of Neanderthal DNA but using the modern Human DNA as a basic structure, to insert a larger percentage of Neanderthal genes than we presently have ( 3%-6%) The brain structure of the Neanderthal was different, smaller front(cortex) and larger back(visual) and internal brain matter. I think the Neanderthal saw and related to things much differently. Not stupid or dull, just different. They probably weren't such big talker as us. It is not such a good idea to get into this experiment though.


Well the professor is now claiming the report is untrue - blaming it on a bad translation of something he said in an interview with a German newspaper (see: my message below ).

Anyway - if they can sequence the Neanderthal DNA - then the easiest way of producing a Neanderthal like being might be through selective breeding to get back to the same thing. This might be done since there is already so much Neanderthal DNA floating around in the European population. Of course a selective breeding program to come up with a Neanderthal would probably be much more controversial even than planting the DNA in the egg of a host mother.

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