GR Digital V has an APS-C sensor

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Niche is niche

Ricoh hasn't ever designed a camera with "gr" in it's title for anyone outside of it's core market. Nor do they market extensively outside of Asia. Expecting them to broaden appeal by redesigning the gr is unreasonable as every new gr has been a refinement of the previous model. Nothing radical. There are plenty of pentax cameras for anyone that wants them and no reason at all to muck up a gr with a pentax design.

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

.. and it needs to go away from the 28mm FoV lens.

If there are niche cameras, GRD is a dictionary meaning for that term. If GRD is to be used and recognised as a GR*eat value, and step out of niche, it must step up into larger sensor boots.

It also needs to steer away from the 28mm FoV. 28mm is a typical, iconic and favourite traditional Japanese medium wide FoV. Whilst 35mm was always much more common in Europe and in the US. Pentax was stuck with 28mm for a while, while users demanded more narrower view. Then it was decided they will rather sit in between the 28mm and 35mm, and in their typically quirky way made 30mm, and then legendary 31mm lens.

Ricoh has Pentax under their wings now, and they have a good chance to become more global and recognised. Thus they need to think more globally too and get rid of some old habits.

After all, as such the camera will attract much more attention and more all new users — not just make old users happy within their own limits and habits of shooting.

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