XE-1 Nothing in focus

Started Jan 23, 2013 | Questions thread
Charles C Lloyd Senior Member • Posts: 1,114
Re: XE-1 Nothing in focus

Is this image straight out of the camera or has it been post-processed?

When I zoom in on some of the reeds (in the water, in the middle of the image) I see a slight halo on the left and a strong bright line on the right, which I presume is the specular reflections from the sun.  I think the high contrast on this thin wisps of grass possibly leads to some aliasing that might look less-than-sharp.

One thing to keep in mind is that everyone's display is different.  You might want to see what these pics look like on a retina display.  I viewed some of my pics on a retina display the other day and was relieved to see that they really are better than they appear on my desktop machine, especially on fine almost-vertical lines like this.  I almost never print my photos, so who knows what they might look like on paper (hopefully even better!).

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