How can any wedding photographer get the shots with the 800?

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Re: this thread is the eptiome of what is wrong with DPReview forums

intensity studios wrote:

Craig wrote:

Nikon please just take the D3s or D4 sensor and stick it into a D700 body and we are good to go.. thanks.

I cannot use the tools available, so nikon please make an obscure product to match only my needs!

Of course!  And at the same time, please solve world peace, world hunger, and give me the winning numbers to next week's lottery while you are at it. 

Seriously though, for me the real issue is Nikon should  never have dropped the D700 to begin with.  If Nikon felt it was "out of date", then a couple of  tweaks like upgrading the sensor and renaming it the D750 or the D700x or whatever, would of solved the issues.

IMO, this is not about making an obscure product, it's about dropping a well established product that had very few if any real problems and issues, and offering no real direct replacement.

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