How can any wedding photographer get the shots with the 800?

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Re: How can any wedding photographer get the shots with the 800?

RP McMurphy wrote:

Why do you need an updated D700 - FPS only?

What I would like in an updated D700?

- dual CF cards.   I once fried a SD card with a carpet shock.  good thing the D7000 I was using at the time  has dual SD card slots.  Just a good idea to have a backup.

- video.   Seldom use it, but the few times I did use it on my D7000 it was really nice to have.

- maybe a 16mp sensor, like the D4.  I do think the overall dynamic range on the newer FX cameras is better, but I can sure live with my D700

Other wise I am pretty happy with it.

Unless you want heavy build and high fps then the d800 can be used and you just output to a lower resolution with the added advantages of more detail at 12mp than a D700 can give you

I really do not understand why a D700 user wanting a new camera cannot find what they want in a D600 or a D800, I would have thought that basically those wanting less MP, more fps and a D800 quality body would not be that plentiful in number

The D600 is to me, built like a plastic toy.  I am rough on my gear.  Natural klutz bascially.  I would destroy the D600 in a month.    D800 is too many MP for me, and i like the controls on the D700 better than on either the D600 or the D800.    I may still get a D800 some day, but my D700 will still be my "everyday" camera.

I can understand Nikon's point of view - there maybe a niche in the market, but is there a market in the niche?

For those that still aren't happy, there's always Canon

And I would warrant more have switched from Canon than the other way round

Canon makes fines cameras and fine lenses.  But I have almost 30 years of Nikkor glass, so whatcha gonna do? 

Also, I don't know about digital SLRs, but I have found, overall, in film, Nikkors were about the toughest brand out there.  You don't want to know what I put my old FM and FM2 through, and they still both work. 

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