In response to AllOtherNamesTaken and others

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Hugo First Contributing Member • Posts: 780
Re: In response to AllOtherNamesTaken and others

it is so hard to separate the performance of the equipment from the abilities of the operator. i've used a D800 for 10 months, and as far as i'm concerned its AF module works about as well as the ones in the D300 and D700, so i give little credence to the naysayers, many of whom, i suspect, are blaming their own inadequacies on the equipment.

does it really matter, though? you should buy and use the gear that allows you to best realize and capture your own talents and vision. no one is forcing you or anyone to use any particular camera or platform. the blanket denunciations of the D800's AF seem to me a bit desperate, and i just don't trust them.

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