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Re: It depends on where it happened

Henry Schobin wrote:

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Henry Schobin wrote:

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Marty4650 wrote:

A few years back in our town an elderly woman shot and killed a home intruder. A teenaged boy on drugs had broken into her home to steal things.... and she killed him with her shotgun.

The police investigation took almost 15 minutes. No charges were filed. She had acted in self defense.

But... this happened in a small town in North Carolina, where honest citizens are still allowed to defend themselves. Had it happened in NYC or Chicago or DC... then the old woman would have been in deep trouble. She probably could still beat the rap, but it would take her two years of her time and around $50,000 in legal expenses, that would probably result in her losing her home.

You asked two questions. What would happen and what should happen.

In the first case, I say it depends on where the events transpired. Generally speaking, the homeowner would be in deep trouble in any blue state, and not in any red state.

As to what should happen to the homeowner... the answer is really simple. Absolutely nothing.

I disagree. I think the home owner should be forced to take FREE gun safety lessons...........and be allowed to keep the gun.

Were drink drivers not taught how to drive safely?
Problem solved?

Everyone should be taught how to drive drunk.....and how to use narcotics responsibly. And the government should provide free booze and drugs.

I suppose you are insured; what about you be the instructor for the drunk drivers?

Yes, I'm insured - House, Auto, life and guns.

I'll pass on the instructor idea, I don't drink enough to do that job.

I thought you were drunk to make that proposal. 

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