Blue Hour Pics with D7000

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Re: Blue Hour Pics with D7000

evan47 wrote:

i notice you use the nikon 16-85, and the sigma 17-50 lenses for these pics. which of these lenses do you favour most and why?

i will be looking for a similar lens soon.

Hi Evan, though you did not asked the question anonymously, I feel to poke

As far as I know the Nikon 17-55 f/2.8 is well appreciated lens (with a price PUNCH!) and the 16-85 as well. The Sigma 17-50 f/2.8 is somewhat similar to the Nikon counterpart though not shoulder to shoulder in optics quality (with a less price tag). The design and purpose of these 2 lenses are bit different, the 17-50 will offer you constant aperture throughout the zoom range hence attracts more pro operations. You will lack that feature in 16-85.

I used 16-85 and the 18-105 both, they compete head to head. From my experience I will suggest to go ahead with 18-105 instead o 16-85. It saves money for you and gives a useful zoom range at higher end; the 16mm is really not that much wide as compared to 18mm.

Again the question will be - what is your main target? With 17-50 you can achieve good portraits, indoor and bokeh throughout but the zoom is limited. Whereas the other option will not be a very good one for the above listed conditions but overall a very good everyday all-rounder. And if you are seeking those long exposure shots then surely the 18-105 (or even 16-85) will not disappoint you.

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