who has fuji x-pro1/ X-E1 and Pentax K5?

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Re: who has fuji x-pro1/ X-E1 and Pentax K5?

Some random thoughts: (Have an XE1, and had a K5 briefly, but had a K7 for a long time)

JPEG rendering, I'd give to Fuji. (I prefer setting Pentax to "Natural" instead of the default "bright" setting) - but IMO the Fuji advantage is negated a bit here since Fuji's AWB in artificial lighting is a bit all over the place.

In high ISO - 3200/6400, not a worthwhile difference, IMO.

RAW, haven't worked with Fuji RAW much yet. But given the problems with Fuji RAW, one of the things I miss with Pentax is being able to choose DNG RAW.

What made me switch from Pentax to Fuji:

I dumped my Nikons and moved to Pentax for one reason - the Limited lenses.  I hate large and heavy lenses, and IMO, Pentax is the only DSLR system that 'gets' the APS-C format, with lenses like the DA15, DA21, DA40, DA70 - you're pretty much covered. IMO, Pentax was m43rds before there even was an m43rds. Too bad they just don't know how to market their size advantage, now it may be too late. Throw in a cheap weather-sealed lens like the 18-55WR and I couldn't really ask for more.

So why did I switch? The advantage of the Fuji X system is in lens brightness. The 3 initial primes 18/35/60 are all larger than the Pentax counter-parts, especially if you consider the really idiotic hood design - but they're also brighter - or at least the 18mm f/2 and the 35mm f/1.4 are.

I have found some downsides though - fly-by-wire focus is a pain. Especially given Fuji's relatively more hesitant AF, tweaking in manual focus just isn't fun - it's just too laggy.

The Fuji 35mm f/1.4 is widely considered to be a superb optic. And I agree. However, despite being wider and slower, I find that the Pentax FA 31mm f/1.8 rendered much better when wide-open. I just couldn't get the same 3D look on the Fuji 35mm. But the upside is, the Fuji 35mm is about half the price of the Pentax.

But so far, I'm fairly happy with the switch. I'm missing the Pentax DA 15mm though, but the upcoming Fuji 14mm should help with that. Again, the Fuji looks like it's 2x the size of the DA15, but it's faster.

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