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Re: PhotoNinja and Aperture workflow question

webfrasse wrote:

Poadawg wrote:

I shoot raw (NEF) and use Aperture for my cataloging and edits. I've upgraded recently to a D800 for work and find the raws are very bland in Aperture. I've tested NX2 and PhotoNinja with very impressive result matching the raw file to the thumbnail jpg in the camera display. In Aperture it take one hell of a lot of sliders to get there. (I'm referring to those noisy images that aren't perfectly exposed). So here's the question finally:

How can I get these raw files over to Aperture AFTER they have been fed through PhotoNinja? I understand that raw means raw but surely there's a way to get the nicely displayed imaged in photoninja to show up in my aperture catalogue where I can tweak/sort/upload/print/etc.

Thanks for your words of wisdom.


Your RAW files are not images, they are just dumps of data from the sensor. PN, just like Aperture, shouldn't edit the RAW file. What you see in PN is the adjusted output in it's probably in jpg or tiff format (both image formats). The RAW will always be the same. So what you have to do is to import the PN output images into Aperture and stack them with the original (the raw).

I do that but my external processor is DxO, the process/workflow is the same though.

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These are the steps in my workflow with DxO and it will work with any external editor.

- Import into Aperture.

- Select the keepers (star ratings)

- Export the these keepers as originals to a Folder outside Aperture. I Have a top level folder for all these exports and Aperture remembers this location for all Original Exports.

- Work on the originals in the Folder with DxO (sometimes also with Lightroom and the Perfectly Clear plugin).

- Drag and drop the processed jpg's from DxO (or whatever tool I worked with) back into the Project in Aperture.

- Stack the processed images with the Originals.

- Inside every Project I have a Smart Album that will only show the 5 star images and I checked the property in the Smart Album to only show the stack picks so in the Smart Album I will now only see the externally process version.

The originals in the export folder is just copies so they can be tossed. I do save the folder as DxO and other tools usually leave behind small sidecar files with the settings used to process the images so I can later go back and see what I did (I just have to redo the export original step to get the images back in that folder).

This workflow works regardless of what external editor you want to use.

I you use NX2 for NEF's you can tweak the workflow to instead relocate the Masters to a referenced location and then consolidate them back into the library and your edits will stay within the NEF and you never use a copy, always the same original.

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