Should Lumix users buy the Olympus 75mm lens?

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Re: Perhaps with a lot of LightRoom work you can get the GH2 stills to match those...

Thanks a lot for the helpful input... I expect I'll eventually get an Olympus body for the IBIS.

Corkcampbell wrote:

...of the OM-D, but many on this forum doubt it. I do too. I have had a GH2 since they were introduced and, not happy with the stills, I just used my dSLR for those. The GH2 was used for video, and last month I bought a second one for $500 from B&H. I did that because of the price, because I found I needed a second video body in some situations, and because I don't think that the (bigger) GH3 is a big enough video jump for me. I may change my mind about that when the reviews come in; I know there are some GH3 fans on this forum.

Last summer I bought an OM-D entirely unplanned. Loved it. Bought a second one. The stills are good enough so that I can sell my dSLR system (Sony) to cover the m4/3 costs, including my latest purchase, the 75mm. I really put an emphasis on portability, which is why I was so happy when I realized the OM-D output meant that I could sell my big, heavy dSLR stuff. It's also one reason that I've initially shied away from the larger GH3.

Since you have an interest in video, and the GH3 is rumored to have stills that rival the OM-D, I'd say go for it...except there is that nagging no in-body stabilization problem. That's why I recommended an OM-D - I don't have a problem with having to use two menu systems when I carry a GH2 and the Oly, and having two lightweight bodies - one for video and one for stills - that use the same lenses is great. Plus, I can use any new lens out there regardless of whether the lens has OIS; when I bought the 75mm, my intention was to use it mostly on the OM-D for stills, although there are times (including next week) when I must shoot stage performances from a distance and I plan to put it on my GH2; my Pany zooms are just too slow. My positive experience last month with the 45mm 1.8 on my GH2 shooting video encouraged me. I have a monopod that works well for these situations, and just picked up a lightweight travel tripod.

I am not in any way trying to push Oly over Panasonic - I have owned Pany since the GF1, but I think that having a combination of bodies that can take advantage of all of the m4/3 lenses is important; it means you have no weaknesses.

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