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Re: Interesting discussion, but where is heatherc?

heatherc wrote:

technophile wrote:

Just wondering what she thinks of all this.

She's reading it all with great interest! Lots of good points for me to think about here and thank you all for your responses. I haven't gone "totally manual mode" but I have done some manual shots for some close-ups and I agree it does make you find out more about your camera settings and become familiar with them. I understand the technical principles as I had my first film SLR in 1981 so it's not a question of understanding DoF and so on, more of actually putting it into practice.

I haven't tried ETTR manually yet though I have fiddled about with exposure compensation.

This made me laugh "There is no computer yet that reads your mind to determine what exactly you want to achieve with a shot and sets all parameters right. " - I think that's a good thing actually or everyone would be taking excellent shots all the time. We should have to work at it a bit more than that!

I am now shooting RAW exclusively. I suppose I was put off by the thought of having to post process everything but batch processing makes it easy and DPP seems more than adequate for the job as far as I am concerned.

I'm loving using Elements. I had Paint shop Pro before but just about every "how to" on the web is written for Photoshop so it's much easier to learn how to do stuff and it also seems more intuitive.

Thanks for the lens upgrade suggestions also, but the point of the post was that I'm NOT going to upgrade yet. As for having outgrown the 500D as someone suggested - I don't think that's likely for some years to come!

Thanks everyone!

I use to have a 40d and thought I'd never upgrade.  then I upgraded to 60d and T4i.  What I found was the newer 18 mpxl cameras were 1 stop better in high iso noise

then I realized as far as noise capability that this is the difference  between an expensive F2.8 lens and a less expensive F4 lens.

Over in the lens forum some poster bought an expensive sigma 35 f1.4 for their 40d.  In terms of noise capability for the same money they could have bought the T4i and 35 f2 -- since the T4i is one stop better in high iso noise

if you decide to buy top tier lenses - first evaluate your bodies noise as it compares to newer bodies

and, as you said,  be happy with what you have until you need more

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