GH3 flash exposure compensation and a short review

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Re: GH3 flash and Metz

Mety didn't recommend particular a flash and I can only guess that their new product line xx AF-2 digital (like mecablitz 58 AF-2 digital) supports new TTL but I haven’t confirmed that. This new flashes do not use adapters and are brand locked.

They recommended  the SCA 3202M7 adapter and using automatic or manual flash mode. It’s not so bad because I often prefer automatic mode because TTL is slow and much more intrusive. Automatic mode make single flash only and with the Metz 54-3 is really precise - I have no more overexposed images with that then with the Minolta TTL.

However I am still not persuaded to buy the SCA 3202M7 adapter because I have simple basic adapter 302 - it supports the fire signal only (not zoom, speed and aperture) but it is often sufficient. Remote flash support - the most important advantage - is really missing.

Sorry to masoncl that the subject of the thread has shifted.

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