Why not a 21.6mm x 21.6mm sensor?

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Re: Why not a 21.6mm x 21.6mm sensor?

Here are my thoughts... kinda negative I'm afraid.

Vignetting? E.g. the Panny 25/1.4 loses 1.5 stops at the corners already so you'd lose even more. You can auto-correct it (although rather strangely the 25 only seems to correct to 1.2 stops loss) but you're still throwing away DR unless you stop down.

Other points to consider:

Are the lenses designed to perform okay that far out? That the image circle gets there doesn't mean the designers worried about issues outside the standard m43 sensor area (BTW I always wondered about that and the MAV sensors, also Vignetting).

Do the lenses contain correction data for anything beyond the standard m43 sensor area (again a question I wondered about with MAV).

When lenses are tested I'm assuming defects outside the m43 sensor area aren't "fail" considerations, so are there a % of lenses out there that would have issues? I'd assume yes.

Do all m43 lenses project the full image circle, or are some improving things by eating into it with extra mounting hardware or whatever?

How about in-lens IS systems, presumably they will move the image as far as they can to try to correct movement, would this cause them to cut into the edge of a bigger sensor. They will certainly make any vignetting worse. Also in-body IS would have much less room to move!

BTW if you knew you might do this in advance then it would help with some of these points. E.g. do Sony make sure all E-mount lenses would be okay with a FF sensor (which they may well do if they were planning to go FF)?


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