Anyone understands the point of Nikon's Auto ISO logic on D600?

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Re: Anyone understands the point of Nikon's Auto ISO logic on D600?

OutOfFocus student wrote:

It's easy to figure out. It's hard to understand why (and how) someone could someone design something so clumsy and illogical.

I don't know about the D600, but the D800 Auto ISO handling is very logical and extremely easy to use. In fact, it is a very intelligent design.

It's welcome (if overdue) that Nikon realized that having a quick way to turn on/off Auto ISO is useful. But why directly turning off Auto-ISO keeps the most recent ISO as minimum???

If you turn off Auto ISO the camera returns to fixed ISO, to the last used value. This is very important, without that it would be very difficult to use and always very confusing to switch between Auto and fixed ISO. The most recent is NOT minimum ISO, it is the most recent you have had set before switching to Auto ISO.

Who needs this setting?

I do. Ho would YOU want it to work? Where should the camera go when you switch off Auto ISO?

The result is that actually turning on/off iso requires using both wheels and is even worse than the basic way other companies have.

In the D800 it requires only one wheel to turn off Auto ISO, but sure, if you are not happy with the last used ISO then you must turn the other wheel as well. Why is that a problem and how would you like to be changed?

And why is it inconsistent between M and A modes ...

In which way is it inconsistent? The only difference is that in M mode I must press the ISO button before I can use the dials to change the ISO and to switch from Auto to fixed ISO. It must be that way because in M mode I want the dials to default to shutter speed and aperture. In A mode I don't have to press the ISO button to change the fixed ISO value, only if I want to switch from Auto ISO to fixed, because the front dial is controlling the aperture by default in A mode.

So, where is the inconsistency in the D600?

I can't help thinking that Nikon UI designers are downright incompetent.

I think you are just frustrated and overreacting because you are new with the camera, perhaps also new to DSLRs.

I am also pretty sure that Nikon does not employ incompetent people in any higher number and that the UI of the cameras are discussed and decided in a very competent group, so even if there would be one or two incompetent designers they are balanced against the others. The design is tested by both the designers and also separate test teams, independent from the designers. This is the way design works in any larger company. Never the less, if you have a good idea on how to improve you are welcome to contribute to the future designs. Just send them a mail and explain how you think it should work and explain why it is better than their own design. Don't call them incompetent in your mail, be polite and you might be taken seriously.

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