Why is 4:3 aspect ratio still used?

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Re: Why is 4:3 aspect ratio still used?

Barrie Davis wrote:

Mike86 wrote:

I don’t know if there is a real answer to this or if it’s going to be a rhetorical question, but why do most or all of the point & shoot cameras use a 4:3 AR image sensor? I know some cameras have options to change this to 3:2 or 16:9 for the photos,but I doubt most P&S users know this.

If they have their photos printed, most stores print 4”x6” which is 3:2. The customer may wonder why heads are cropped off the top of the pictures.

If the digital photos are viewed on a PC monitor or TV most of these displays have been 16:9 AR for several years.

It sounds to me like you've never seen how ridiculous a 16:9 upright appears on a 16:9 horizontal screen.

actually page composers for the internet find 9x16 useful as it still leaves generous space for copy
yet breaks the page up to make it easier to read

every format has its uses
if you cant find them, its not the fault of the format

If you had, you would NOT be asking why there are multiple formats...

... let alone selecting ONE as the object of your derision.

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