D700: should I try RAW/NEF

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Re: RAW: to recover mistakes only?

KennethKwok wrote:

Scott Oberle wrote:

KennethKwok wrote:

But.... I don't really care too much about blown highlights.

Interesting comment Kenneth...could you explain? To me, blown highlights are a basic sin which will ruin just about any image.

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Scott Oberle


I may take a photo of my family, with the sky behind them.

The blown highlights could be something in the background. A building, the sky...
Usually something that I do not care too much about.
And I often regard that "blown highlight" of buildings/sky in the background as "inevitable",
unless a fill flash is used.
The large silvery disc of light reflector is certainly a nice thing,
but I never tried.

If the blown highlight is on the face, for example, I sometimes consider
it "over-exposed" / shutter time too long. And I do care about that.
I don't know if that also belongs to "blown highlights". But yes, it may be
just a difference in terminology.

It's not inevitable - but in the case of strong back light then you must use fill in flash - if you expose so there is not overexposure ion the background and then lighten iin PP it will then blow out the background

However with the likes of Lightroom, you can lower the brighter areas and iraise the darker areas and raw gives you the latitiude to do this much better than jpg

Of course too much PP and it looks horrible but it can save a picture

So use raw and for those times when you dont ahve a reflector or you dont use a fill in flash then you can modify the image to a greater extent than if you relied on jpg

As said earlier, set the camera to shoot jpg and raw and if you dont need to edit the picture you can discard the raw later

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