GR Digital V has an APS-C sensor

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Re: Recipe for the smallest APSC

Samuel Dilworth wrote:

• no micro lenses. This is a bit radical, but intriguing. You’d have a base ISO of something like 25, maybe less, and ISO 100 would be much noisier than normal (never mind ISO 1600), but you’d get away with a lens of extreme compactness, high resolving power, and low distortion (but with high vignetting). Would put the GR Digital in an even smaller niche!

Can you elaborate on that one please? this is the first time i am hearing the ISO-micro lens correlation..very interesting. thanks

as of size: a nex 5 with the new sony pancake will be only 15 mm thicker than the rx100...

now please remember: this is a mount-design. if you design it integrated with the body, and with some retracting mechanism you can achieve the compactness of a point-and-shoot...of course a slower lens and software correction will be necessary...

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