Fuji's ISO is highly inflated

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The lens also plays a role in the amout of light hitting the sensor!

If you want to do a real ISO comparison you would have to compare the sensors directly between Canon 5D MK II and Fuji X-E1.

As soon as you stick different lenses onto the camera you introduce another variable that influences the amount of light that hits the sensor. It's called the light transmission efficiency or T-stop. (used often in film camera lenses for cinematography.

And while I'm not too fond of the DXO sensor test in general, for this comparison it does make sense to use their test. Only problem is, they have not (will they ever?) tested the X-Trans sensor. But they did test the 5D MK II and the Fuji X100. This should give a general idea of how Fuji treats their cameras in respect of ISO:


The Fuji X100 is almost equal to the 5D MK II sensitivity up untill ISO 1600 where the Fuji starts to do ISO expansion in software (underexposure) and that is not true ISO raising for sensor comparison.

You can see the brightness effect of different lenses in my test of the Fuji XF 35mm f1.4 vs. Canon EF 35mm f1.4 L


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