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Re: Peter, I don't have your experience, so please help me

skeys wrote:

Hi Peter...

Of the portraits posted by Kim Letkeman, I like the one below best, but your comment about plastic dolls confuses me. As my daughter has way too many dolls (IMO, not hers, LOL), I have held some of them up to my computer screen (calibrated Dell U2412M) and I don't see these portrait photos looking anything like my daughter's plastic dolls.

What I so see in these portrait photos is professionally applied makeup. Could it be the makeup is causing a portrait photo problem?

Since I do not have your experience photographing models, I need a little assistance from you. Please tell me what I can do to obtain portrait photos which do not make models' faces, or more importantly, my own daughter's face, look like plastic dolls.


Peter71951 wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

The 70-300VR makes a superb portrait lens ... as in:

This camera with its superb portrait lens makes human faces look like plastic dolls.


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Hello Skeys,

First of all I'm not a portrait photographer. It is just what I see and that are a very, very smooth, unnatural looking faces. You say it could be caused by the make up, but when you look at the hair you see that it is due to lack of detail. This is strange because these DSLR cameras can handle high iso quite well without massive noise reduction, so it must be the quality of the lens, the quality of the sensor or even worse caused by cropping the photo. b.tw. don't be fooled by the pixel madness, 6 or 8 MP is more than enough.


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