Recommendations for waterproofing an NEX 5N

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Re: Recommendations for waterproofing an NEX 5N

zackiedawg wrote:

A few solutions you might consider...

For a more serious, boxy waterproof housing, you can buy the Meike housings for NEX at around $130-150.

To go a little cheaper and more flexible, you can go with the Dicapac waterproof bags - they have a newer one designed for the NEX type cameras - WP-S3 - that goes for around $80...or you can actually use the bags they have for the superzoom P&S cameras which also works for the NEX as long as you don't care about access to focus or zoom can find these as low as $45-50.

You could buy a cheap rain sleeve, such as the Op-tech versions - they are very cheap, on the order of $6 or so...they are much less waterproof though - the ones above are technically supposed to be capable of going underwater, whereas rain sleeves only protect against falling water...they have a drawstring which cinches around the end of the lens, and a handhole at the bottom of the rear to reach the camera controls...they're great for rain shooting as you just hold the camera lens-down most of the time until shooting - but with Niagara, I'd probably consider fortifying that drawstring end with some good tape around a UV or Skylight filter that can go over the end of the lens glass.

Then there's always the ziploc bag solution - takes a little more courage on your part. I video-taped the landfall of Hurricane Frances in my town years ago with my old camcorder inside a ziploc bag - I made a tiny hole in the bag (smaller than the lens diameter), inserted the lens through the hole by stretching it around the lens end, then screwed on a UV filter to 'seal' the bag to the camera. Remember to throw in some dessicant packs as moisture can build up inside your case (no matter what solution you use) camcorder managed to survive a hurricane, though a little water managed to squeeze its way through my homemade bag - fortunately it only wet the dessicant packs and stayed away from the camera.

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Thanks for you detailed response. Some very good advice.

I think I'll most likely go for the Meike housing. They sell on Amazon in the UK for about £80 and it means I could use it other times in the water.

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