New Samples from the M 240

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Re: Is it just me....

MrLaki wrote:

Hi Joe,

then why do they even bother to post images like that? It's obvious that the content and the quality doesn't match the expectations.

Yeah, well, that's a different question.  They're PJ-ish snapshots (not meant in a negative way) taken in difficult, bright, contrasty, direct sunlight, so they're not going to flatter any camera.

But what's wrong with showing average photos taken with a new Leica M?  You could say kudos to Leica for showing us some regular stuff. After all, it's just a camera - every photo taken with it doesn't have to be a stunning work of art.  I'm sure in time there will be plenty of fabulous official samples of edgy NY street scenes, sulky European models, breathtaking landscapes, old barns, weird conceptual art stuff taken in run-down American motels, etc.


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