D700 single card slot means no backup concerns

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Re: D700 single card slot means no backup concerns

ata3001 wrote:

Anybody remember the days of film when not only was there no backup roll of film images, but you couldn't even preview the images you did take yet somehow, wedding photographers survived. I wouldn't worry about only 1 card slot. Have you ever had a card fail on you during a shoot? It can happen, but it's a rare occurance. Also remember to never put all your eggs in one basket. Use multiple smaller cards.

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Yes it can happen and if it does happen to you it's an unmitigated disaster. Multiple cards might indeed be the next best thing but they are too easy to lose and anyway losing a hundred images(say) still come under the category of disaster albeit limited.

Once on my (single card) D2X i had an error message "cannot write to card" and the previous images vanished too. Fortunately it was a camera not card glitch and a re-set fixed it.

After a different wedding a D2X card opened on the pc gave the comforting message "folder contains no images" - I nearly passed out - after the initial panic I checked the card in camera again, there were the images - this time it was a faulty card reader.

These days I operate with a D3/D3S in back-up mode with two large capacity cards that I can fit a whole job onto. Just remember to alternate downloading from each card so if one goes pop at least you will be aware.

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