Panasonic 7~14mm or Olympus 12mm ?

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Re: Not such a big price difference between 9-18 and 7-14 is it?

aimawayfromface wrote:

700 vs 888USD? Not a huge difference to me as they're both really expensive. That same difference at 500 is another story though (sort of like 20mm vs 25mm).

I opted for the 9-18mm knowing that optically it would be worse than the 7-14mm, but to me the size was the most important factor--and I have to say I was not disappointed! The lens is so tiny I can take it everywhere with me and it makes such a compact package with an E-PL5 pr PM2. After my first shoot with it I was a bit apprehensive to see the results, but upon importing into LR I was astounded immediately by the sharpness and detail that I was able to get.

I guess I would have been even more astounded by the 7-14mm, but in my mind it's a worthy compromise for the size. Out of all my lenses, the feeling that I get in terms of quality-to-size ratio is the greatest with this one (though I admit I don't have the 14/2.5). I can well understand why photozone calls it an engineering feat.

I think we agree on most of what you say. We just drew slightly different conclusions from the same fact. While the the 7-14 is significantly larger than the 9-18 (83 mm versus 49.5 mm long, but the 7-14 includes a hood) and about twice as heavy (300 g versus 155 g), it is still the smallest UWA zoom that manages to reach 14 mm EFL. And it hardly feels too bulky/heavy in actual size, at least not on the bodies I have experience with (E-M5, G1). The feeling is roughly the same as when I am using my standard zoom (14-45) with hood on.

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