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talico wrote:

Marcus Antonius wrote:

Dear All,

Since the 5d3 hit the shelves globally this place not only degraded to a low level, insulting, pixel peeping (whom some of you actually made legit comparisons that were truly interesting to read, however the majority of it is complete bs) forum, but the images i see posted here OH BOY. The past weeks i feel i have been thrown back to the 1100D - 300D forum. It seems that the present "enthusiastic amateur" has enough cash stashed to buy their new gadget to capture meaningless totally NON creative imagery

Meaning is not something that you have to understand. I hate all the cat photos. To me they all look the same, but to someone out there, that cat is their cat. It does mean something. Photos of my kids, I'm sure have no value to you, but to me they are priceless. To show them or talk about how I got them is not worthless to many.

Images that have value to you does not mean you have to share them...

that would not even deserve a shutter actuation to me, let alone taking the effort of doing a terrible job of PP and posting it on a alleged "pro" forum.

Who ever said this was a "pro" forum? It is a gear forum. People gripe endlessly about banding and Dynamic range and what the 6d MKII is going to look like(yes wait for that)

I said this "was" a pro (-gear) forum, and turned into a well... fill that in yourself

Is that insulting to you?

Yes, It comes across as arrogant and rude.

Ok, but i know i'm far from, so i won't take that too seriously.

Maybe yes, but then you should question yourself if you need to improve your skills instead of talking about the improved functions on your camera.

Again, this is a gear forum.

That doesn't mean those gears can't show what you can do with them. If you have a completely rebuilt 56 impala in the shed, you can talk about it all day, but driving it and showing it with pride is something you want to do actually.

(Have i seen good images on this forum lately? YES, i have seen some, but the majority is really dissapointing to be honest).

I do agree here, I rarely see great images here.

Something that used to be (years ago).

Back in the days, people were "afraid" of asking something in this forum not to upset the pro's or looking dumb, now it's the other way round!

Agree, I am not sure fear is a good thing though. Do you want people to fear you? I don't. I owe a lot to the online photography community. I feel I have reached a more advanced stage now, and the last thing I want to do is to stop helping people who know less than me.

I don't want people to fear anyone, i want to be a mirror and set an example to some. And i hope that will trigger them to train a better eye and try harder. (that's my philosophy behind all this). If i achieve that only by a little, i think i did a job well done.

Now i ask you to just fill one thread with the best of the best work you shot with your new camera.

Great, that's hard to say. I do know that this photo was extremely hard to get. This was taken in Grand Teton National Park. Very early in the morning. You can see the sunrise in the Ermin's eyes. No flash was used here. This guy was so quick and he never stopped moving. Low light, tough AF target, couldn't get close enough. Luckily I had a great AF, great low light performance, and 22MP to crop into it and get the framing I wanted.

Ermin watches the sun rise. For about 1 second.

The story never should be more impressive than the shot in my eyes. It can strengthen an image just like a particular song can with an image, but the image on itself should tell most of the story.

I like the light and pose of the ermin, though i find the foreground distracting, especially the long brown twig.

And make the people with love for photography believe in this forum again.

It seems like you wanted this thread to fail, to prove your point. Well it has, I don't see 149 stellar images. If this challenge were posed to the 1D people would the results be any different? I don't think so.

I didn't want to address the 5dx owners only, i wanted to address all users to show their best, and like said before, i wanted to trigger some, and be a mirror to others.

Please only respond if you have a great image to show. We have enough posts with nonsense now


p.s. I should make this thread contain 150 shots by adding one recent image of myself:

Is it my best, i'm sure it's not. Is it a superb shot, i know it's not. But is it better than 90% of the work posted on this forum now, heck yes!

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