L lenses for a beginner

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Re: L lenses for a beginner

keithinmelbourne wrote:

Spunky8 wrote:

Though lots of photographers will not want to admit this, most of the name brand lenses have more potential and quality than most photographers have ability to use those lenses to capacity.

I recommend that you use non-L lenses and use them to use the craft of photography. Don't worry about spending money on lenses you really don't need.

Yeah, I agree. While have a good number of L lenses, I would not advocate a beginner buying any until they were ready. For your purposes, you can get equally good results by buying a couple of Canon's fast primes at a quarter of the cost. Get a 50 f1.4, an 85 f1.8, a 40 f2.8 or even a 50 f1.8 (which is the nearest you'll get to a disposable lens). Any one of these will match an L zoom, and give you more creative possibilities. If you learn to shoot all day with a 50mm you will develop more skills than investing in Ls and it will cost you much less.

I just purchased the 40 mm f2.8 pancake lens after reading some positive reviews on it here. I was originally planning to get the 50 f1.8 but i thought the 40mm might be a little better for shooting indoors in tight spaces. Looking forward to giving it a try and see how it compares to the kit lens. Thank you for the information.

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