Newtown Police outgunned by Lanza

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Re: Newtown Police outgunned by Lanza

I marginally agree....yet you'd be surprised by how many "first responders" have a "patrol rifle" (AR-15 style weapon) available to them and in their patrol car.

But if the latest reports are true, the suspect wasn't in the school using an "assault weapon" (Bushmaster brand AR-15).   Latest reports indicate he was in the school with 4 handguns.   And there isn't a full-time law enforcement officer in our country that doesn't have an equally powerful handgun (with multiple "high capacity magazines" in a pouch on his duty belt).

Agree or disagree, I still find it odd that a law enforcement administrator would make such a comment in this particular situation.  One could argue that the police didn't need a firearm or their ballistic vest because they didn't fire a shot and they were not fired upon.

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