Why not a 21.6mm x 21.6mm sensor?

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Re: To be clear...

Right I realize that. I see the advantages, and all. But it still would give a large image circle (and a higher resolution at square in comparison with a rectangular sensor of the same design) but square would sort of be it's native format?...which I would like. Why not use the entire image circle in that case. It might cost slightly more. Existing OEM lens hoods might be problematical, as has been mentioned, but there are lots of round ones (Leica style, rubber, WA metal etc.) I would like the idea. No need for a vertical grip to add size and bulk (Like on a couple of my other cameras), whatever format a person wants, without holding at an odd angle..if the LCD screen was a simple tilt screen it would would work fine. Even the position of the viewfinder wouldn't have to be adjusted for verticals. When I have used vertical grips it de-contributes to the ergonomics, almost like having to learn to instinctively use two cameras, so would sure help in that regard.

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