Newtown Police outgunned by Lanza

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Re: Newtown Police outgunned by Lanza

The AR-15 is not exclusive to "SWAT teams"!   For decades police and patrol officers (the "first responders") have carried shotguns in their vehicles and had them available.  As I mentioned, the bank robbery shoot-out in California brought about a major change in law enforcement weapons. The police realized was a need for an alternative to the handgun and the shotgun.   Shortly after the California bank robbery incident the largest majority of police departments began replacing the shotgun with a "patrol rifle"...and the AR-15 is the most commonly used patrol rifle among U.S. Law Enforcement agencies (though there are other rifles being utilized...which are often also regarded as "assault weapons" by the general public/media).

To make matters worse....the latest reports indicate the suspect in this school shooting did NOT enter the school and shoot people with an assault weapon.

Therefore this entire story becomes increasingly more suspicious!   If what is now being reported (no assault weapon used in the very tragic murder of all those that died inside the school) such comments about the police being out-gunned is really distorted.

But for the sake of this discussion, if the police are responding to a report of shots being fired they will show up prepared and have "assault weapons" available to them (carried in their patrol cars).   And because they are law enforcement officials they will minimum...the same weaponry that civilians can own (though law enforcement weapon of the same AR-15 style commonly exceed what can lawfully be purchased/owned by civilians).

This entire transition happened many years ago...throughout the entire law enforcement community in the United States.

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