Digital camera with large sensor or camcorder with small sensor?

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Digital camera with large sensor or camcorder with small sensor?

Why does anyone need 60p lately? Are you shooting at 60p and editing it at 60p and only playing the stuff back at 60p, or what?

If most people hated "The Hobbit" that was shot at 48p and played back at the same refresh rate, why is 60p going to be a more pleasant experience? Or is it only for the compulsory slow-mo shots of the dog jumping up to catch the Frisbee or shaking off water in glorious slow-mo?

Regarding the sensor sizes.... DOF has got nothing to do with sensor sizes, or perhaps I should re-phrase by saying that one should not pick a sensor size merely for a particular DOF attainable. I dislike shallow DOF tremendously, but I would be very had pressed today to spend any money on any camera that does not have a sensor that is at least 1-inch diagonal. You would need that for image quality, you would need that for low light capability, you would need that for quality matching size optics on the camera, and so on.

Now, in the PROFESSIONAL camcorder realm, we still have 1/3-inch sensor and even 2/3-inch sensor shoulder-mountable Goliaths, but this breed is dying out fast. Seems like most everybody wants to shoot video with larger sensor cameras -- 1-inch, Micro 4/3rd, APS-C, Super 35, full-frame 135. I believe I am one of them.

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