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Tom McElvy wrote:

My girlfriend and I have been using the Black-Rapid Sling straps for a couple of years now. We love them. However, we have always had some trepidation about using them with a heavy lens mounted on the camera body, out of fear the strap mount would rip the tripod-mount right out of the camera body/battery grip. It HAS happened to others, and we use the 7D and 50D cameras with battery grips. .

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I'm in these and other forums pretty regularly and I investigated the BR strap a lot before I bought one and I have NEVER seen a report of damage to the tripod mount on the camera from use of the strap. Do you have a link or further details of how it has happened? If it is a real concern I might add a secondary connection to where the regular straps mount, but I don't think it's really something to be worried about. I've had the screw loosen on mine so I now check it pretty regularly, but the tripod mount in the camera seems pretty solid.

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