V1 price decrease at B and H

Started Jan 22, 2013 | Discussions thread
Undah Veteran Member • Posts: 5,320
how to calculate stops (see my math)?

I have found the VR to be very effective with the 10-30mm and especially the 10-100 powerzoom.

one shot:

100mm at 1/4 sec - iso800, f5.6.  Perfectly sharp.  Quite surprised by this.

If it is using the 100mm, this would be 1/100  --> 1/4 =   4 to 5 stops!!

and if that 100mm is translated to the 270mm equiv, then ~ 6.5 stops!!!

BTW, which calculation is correct (100mm or the 270mm equiv?)

Another shot, that I was quite surprised by, was:

30mm at 1/6 second (81mm equiv).  The numbers are not as impressive as above, but I was shocked at how good it looked, iso3200, at night.

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